clearance office furniture

Clearance Office Furniture

You’ve come to the right spot! Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Our clearance office furniture inventory are samples and showroom items that are available at a significantly reduced cost and are available for pickup today. For more information on any product or to purchase, please call or email

From workstations and seating to modular architectural walls and commercial flooring, we are your single source solution to finish your space. Check out all of our products HERE!


Row 1



PolyVision White Board
Stock #: NA
4’H x 12’W with 6′ map rail



National Lobbby Seating Configuration
Stock #: NA13100/NA13101
Color: Cherry Ganging Table & Grey Tone Two Seat Tandem

Previously $399.00



Jenny -Tablet Arm
Stock #: SC15122
Color: Cyclone
Quantity Available: 4

Row 2



Personal Table 1/2
Stock #: SC14102
27″D x 36″W

Previously $359.00

NS_24 Cube


Cherry Wood Cube
Stock #: NS

Previously $49.00



Square Table
Stock #: SC12100/SC12101
Color: Maple/Silver

Quantity Available: 3
Previously $249.00

Row 3



Steelcase Universal Table
Stock #: SC15135

Previously $349.00



Stock #: TS27126/SC15122
Color: Taupe with Maple Wood Arms

Previously $349.00

NS_Student Desk


Steelcase Max Stacker Student Desk
Stock #: NS
Color: Black

Previously $59.00

Row 4



Steelcase Player
Stock #: SC04137
Color: Tan with Black Frame

Previously $99.00
Originally $313.00



Stock #: LB11100
Color: Black Leather

Previously $199.00

NS_Turnstone Side Chair


Turnstone Side Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Grey with Black Frame

Previously $49.00

Row 5



Steelcase Side Chair
Stock #: SC05191
Color: Maple with Platinum Frame

Previously $79.00

Steelcase 4 Workstation


Steelcase Workstations 
Stock #: Various
Color: Wood Veneer
4 Person Workstation



Paoli Side Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Grey with Maple Frame

Previously $49.00

Row 6



Steelcase Desk Chair
Stock #: SC06238
Color: Blue with Maple Frame

Previously $415.00



Series 8100 Blue Poly Stack Chair
Stock #: SL15100
Color: Navy Blue



Steelcase  Mingle Side CHair
Stock #: SC05190
Color: Burgundy with Maple & Pewter Frame

Row 7



Steelcase Snodgrass Side Chair
Stock #: SC99519
Color: Black with Maple Frame

NS_Steelcase Enen Walnut


Steelcase Enen Side Chair
Stock #: SC99519
Color: Walnut with Platinum Frame

NS_Aspekt Blue Pattern


Steelcase Aspekt Chair 
Stock #: NS
Color: Blue Pattern with Black Frame

Row 8



Steelcase Max Stacker II
Stock #: SC99517
Color: Black with Black Frame



American Seating Stack Chair
Stock #: AM12100
Color: Yellow with Black Frame

NS_Lesro Blue Side Chair


Lesro Side Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Blue with Chrome Frame

Row 9

Avenir Workstation_DL


Avenir Workstation



Steelcase Criterion Stool
Stock #: SC14138
Color: Grey with Black Frame

Quantity Available: 2



Sit-On-It Stool
Stock #: SO16100
Color: Black Mesh with Black Frame

Quantity Available: 3

Row 10

NS_Node Robin Egg Blue


Steelcase Node Student Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Robin Egg Blue with Grey Frame

*Note: Slight surface discoloration.



Turnstone Table
Stock #: SC14104
Color: Cherry

NS_Steelcase 30 Round Table


Steelcase 30″ Round Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Winter Maple with Grey Frame

Row 11



KFI Stack Chair – Model 520
Stock #: KF11100
Color: Burgundy with Pewter Frame

NS_MTS Green Stack Chair


MTS Stack Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Green with Gold Frame

NS_MTS Brown Stack Chair


MTS Stack Chair
Stock #: NS
Color: Brown with Black Frame

Row 12

NS_Flip Top Table


Flip Top Table
Stock #: NS

NS_Childrens Cherry Table


Children’s Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Cherry with Black Frame



MityBilt Activity Table
Stock #: MB16102
Color: Lime with Grey Frame

Row 13

NS_Steelcase Groupwork Table


Steelcase Groupwork Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Walnut Top with Black Legs

NS_Coalesse Training Table


Coalesse Training Table with Power Modual
Stock #: NS
Color: Maple top with Silver Legs

NS_48 Square Table


48×48 Square Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Medium Oak Top with Black Base

Quantity Available: 2

Row 14

NS_Steelcase FrameOne


Steelcase FrameOne
Stock #: NS
Color: White Top with Silver Base

Quantity Available: 7

NS_60 Round Blow Mold Fold Table


60″ Round Blow Mold Folding Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Grey

*Note: Pictured Left. Slight Blemish

NS_60 Round Blow Mold Fold Table


60″ Round Blow Mold Folding Table
Stock #: NS
Color: Grey

*Note: Pictured Right.

Row 15



60″ Square No Drip Tops
Stock #: CP12100
Color: Oak with Brown Trim

Quantity Available: 11



Power Units (outlets + USB ports)
Color: White
Stock #: NA (Parts: NS)

Quantity Available: 10



Turnstone Big Lamp
Stock #: SC11163
Meant to design spces
56″ diameter x 92″ overall height

Row 16



Paoli Console Table
Stock #: PA04101
Color: Mahogany



National Two Seat
Stock #: NA12102



Steelcase Two Seat Lobby Seating
Stock #: SC12184
Color: Grey Brown Pattern with Cherry Wood

Row 17

NS_Steelcase Low Storage Black


Steelcase Low Storage
Stock #: NS
Color: Black with Top

NS_Steelcase Low Storage Platinum


Lateral File
Stock #: N/S

NS_Artopex Storage Cabinet


Artopex Storage Cabinet with Noki Electric Lock
Stock #: NS

*No top

Row 18

Eno board


Eno Board + Technology 
Stock #: NS
7’x4′ board includes projector, 4 stylus pens, the stylus tray, and mounting brackets (*stock image above)

NS_Mayline Mail Sorter


Mayline Mail Sorter
Stock #: NS
Color: Grey
50 Letter size slots

SC12146_C-Scape Desk


Steelcase C-Scape Desk
Stock #: SC12146

Row 19

NS_Hon 4 Drawer Vertical File


Hon 4 Drawer Vertical File
Stock #: NS
Color: Dark Grey
26.5″ deep, No lock, High drawer sides

NS_GF 4 Drawer Vertical File


GF 4 Drawer Vertical File
Stock #: NS
Color: Dark Grey
28″ deep, Tilt front drawers with slop drawer dividers

NS_Misc Drawer Peds

Starting at $10.00

Miscellaneous Drawer Pedestals
Stock #: NS

Row 20

Various Folding Tables


Various Used Folding Tables
Stock #: NS



Steelcase Combination Cabinet
Stock #: SC15151
42″ high, 24×24 wardrobe, right 2 file drawers with bookcase storage



Steelcase Combination Cabinet
Stock #: SC15152
42″ high, 24×24 wardrobe, left 2 box drawers and one file drawer with bookcase storage

Pictured left.

Row 21



Steelcase Combination Cabinet
Stock #: SC15152
42″ high, 24×24 wardrobe, left 2 file drawers with bookcase storage

Pictured right.

Brown file


File Drawers
Stock #: NS
22” D x 35.25” W x 54.5″ H

height adjustable table


Height Adjustable Table
Stock #: NS
72″L x 30″D

Quantity Available: 2

Row 22

NS_Right Angle


Right Angle Height Adjustable Monitor & Keyboard Stand
Stock #: NS
Color: Black



Manhattan Bench 7220
Stock #: ME02382
Color: Natural Maple

Quantity Available: 2

Previously $950.00



Transaction Setting
Stock #: NA
9’w x 42″h
Lower interior includes worksurface with storage, plus register drawer

Quantity Available: 1

Row 23



Artopex: L-Shape, Bow Front, Cockpit Desk Setting
Stock #: NA
6’x6.5′, Dark Mahogany, box/box file pedestal, file/file pedestal with lock, wire management grommets


*Taxes, delivery, and installation not included. All sales final. Free shipping between our three locations. Items may have general wear and tear. See store for details.