A Letter from Our President

Photo Credit: C.Hannaher
Photo Credit: C.Hannaher

Integrity and Innovation since 1939

In the 1960’s, I remember going to the office with my Dad, Tom Hannaher. We would spend hours there on Saturday’s, he would catch up on things and I would wander the showroom and second floor warehouse getting into various stages of mischief, occasionally pushing the wrong button on a huge adding machine and watching it clank and chug nonstop until Dad came and shut it off. That office was in Downtown Moorhead until the great minds of the time decided that the property that was home to Hannaher’s, Inc. and Hannaher and O’neil Wholesale Groceries, prior to that, would be better suited as a parking lot. As Ridley’s/Hannaher’s (the name changed in 1964) Dad occupied that space for 15 years.

In 1974, Hannaher’s moved to North Moorhead (pictured above). It was a simple and efficient building that allowed for delivery vehicles to park inside. The building was a good fit at the time but as our furniture and interior design business grew so did our needs for a larger facility. One that was “closer to the action” that was the blossoming business hub of Fargo. We outgrew that building in the late 1990s; we occupied it for 24 years.

In 1997, we started the process of finding land in Fargo and designing a building for our company which had experienced significant growth and success. In 1998, we moved into our next facility which was located off of I-94 and 45th Street South.

In Spring 2011, we acquired Gaffaney’s of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Expanding into this new market was vibrant and provided a lot of potential to serve our customers in the area. Our Grand Forks location continues to provide office furnishings, flooring and window coverings, and specializes in office supplies. In Spring of 2016, we moved buildings and are currently located at 2902 Gateway Drive.

In Spring 2014, we opened our Detroit Lakes, Minnesota location at 920 Washington Avenue. Being in the heart of downtown Detroit Lakes allows us to connect with more of our customers in the lakes area.

In Fall 2016, we moved into our new Fargo location at 3803 Main Avenue. Over the course of 18 years, we found ourselves in a facility that was beautiful but it wasn’t functional or efficient for the work we do. We wanted to demonstrate to our customers what we can do with a space and how we can impact the lives of everyone who works in a facility that utilizes our products and services. We truly believe that we can impact the lives of employees, creating healthy work environments and GREAT places to work. This location will provide us with the resources we need and the tools to support our customers all while living and working in a space that encompasses Power of Place theories. Stay connected with us through our social media channels and our newsletters for updates. It’s going to be fun!
Paul Hannaher,
President & CEO